English Speaking Tastings: May the Ninth be with you

May the Ninth be with you

Star Wars Themed Beer Tasting

Originally we wanted to call this theme-tasting "May the Fourth be with you" (get it?! 😉 but due to scheduling conflicts it had to be the ninth. At least the sign up dead line is on May the Force!

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Basic Info

  • Date: Wednesday, May 9th (May 10th is Ascension Day - local holiday)
  • Place: Genossenschaft Restaurant Kreuz in Solothurn - Bar 
  • Date/Time:  May 9th, 19:30 - 22:30
  • Cost: CHF 40.- per padawan or apprentice. Jedi knights or Sith lords pay double. Included is a sampling of each beer plus bread and/or nuts
  • 30 padawans or apprentices max.


Sign up until May the Force! (May 4th)


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